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Pumua Mzazi is a project that distributes free cloth diapers to parents in slums and rural parts of Kenya.

To some families, a diaper can be difficult to purchase when parents have to think about their families next meal, healthcare and education.

Poor quality single-use diapers are sold in these areas but that means irresponsible disposal which is harmful to the environment, some of the cheap single-use diapers cause allergic reactions to the kids, and it can results to an expensive lifestyle long-term.

So far, Pumua Mzazi is funded by the founder, and well-wishers who donate to the young project.

You can also be part of this by adding more diapers to the cart for our next distribution.

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Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Meet The Founder

This project was founded by Belinda Smetana. A Sustainable Fashion and Responsible Travel Advocate with genuine passion for people and planet. Belinda was born and spent her childhood in Kibera slums where she saw her parents and others around her struggle with something as simple as purchasing a diaper.

This project will help tackle four Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 1. No poverty

Goal 3. Good health and wellbeing

Goal 12. Responsible Consumption and production

Goal 13. Climate Action

With the help of well wishers like you, PumuaMzazi is planning on positively impacting more than 100 families on the first public distribution.

Please be part of this beautiful story.